Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Spring In New York by Fred Lebain

Fred lebain is not scared of the mundane or clichés. Instead, he plays with them, superimposing their images on one another. last spring lebain took images of various areas in new york city, each one of them an occasion of a 'first visit' to the location, in which he photographed and then printed in large poster format. Later,he returned to the same spots for a second visit, capturing a larger framed shot in which he aligned the poster documenting his first visit to the current scene. These postcard images show lebain's preference for particular areas of the city,telescoping his views - a time parallax representing the days which separate the two shots - and superimposing his vision of new york. hands, feet or a pair of jeans can be seen.Like surrealistic winks, indicating that the photographer is not alone in his mission.

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