Monday, November 16, 2009

Insect Sushi

Shoichi Uchiyama, the Japanese author behind an insect recipe book, says that spiders are presently his preferred dish. Gently boiled and served on a bed of rice, the meat, he said, is soft and reminiscent of simmered soy beans. He just published a cook book on creating Japanese food with a little more... crunch. His blog is filled with startling photos of every day Japanese dishes with that bit of bite size protein. Some parts of the world might consider these insects a normal part of a meal. But Uchiyama understands that the gut reaction for most people (including the Japanese) for these critters on their plates are their worst fears coming to life. Still, reading his blog, he seems passionate about changing those perceptions. Hats off to a Herculean task ahead.

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