Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cool Garages For Super Cool Cars

I am just speechless… I don’t know what I want more now: a super amazing garage or a pair of super cars. I guess i should have both. Well, enjoy viewing them.

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Garry Brei said...

Wow, those garages look so cool that there are no words that can describe it. I kinda wish that one of those is my garage. Those cars are absolutely perfect for those garages; it's amazing that the cars' owners are taking care of their cars properly. I won't be surprised if they're always taking their cars to a body shop.

Stelle Courney said...

Garry and I share the same sentiments. It's really hard to express how I feel with words. Those garages are as big as my house - probably even bigger. I can't have a garage like that. But I can dream, right?

Mike Bishop7 said...

Wow the first one is one of the most awesome Garages I have ever seen! Than again these are all pretty awesome, I would love to be able to afford to do something like some of these. I'm definitely going to subscribe to your blog and show my friends because this is one of the coolest posts I have come across. Thank you for sharing!

Erwin Calverley said...

I also think you should have BOTH. =D Super cars deserve to be exposed and be seen by the people and kept in a really cool and astonishing garage. Elegant and chic cars will always be at their finest quality if placed in a place away from anything that can cause problems.

Erwin Calverley