Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Photography By Achim Lippoth

The man who shot this campaign is the German-based Achim Lippoth, who Is now being regarded as the Steven Meisel of childrens1 photography. Lippoth Is truly original, with a direct and honest style that goes against the grain of traditionally photographing children who are merely cute or fresh faced."A lot of people don't have patience when they work with children," says Lippoth. "In a way It's hard because it's a job, and you have to get this picture and you never know how the children are going to react."
Achim Lippoth was born in Ilsofen, Germany in 1968. He graduated from Byrom College at Manchester in 1986 and resumed his art studies at the University of Cologne, where he graduated in 1992. Shortly thereafter, Lippoth began his career as a freelance photographer. In 1995, Lippoth established "Kid's Wear Magazine," designed originally as a forum for designers and retailers of children's fashion. The magazine has also garnered a substantial audience of photography aficionados because of its impressive production and design content. Lippoth has received numerous honors and awards for both his commercial and artistic photographic work in print, television advertisement, and technical skill, including the IPA 2006 Professional Photographer of the Year award, Clio Awards Gold Category in Print (2006), and Epica Award for Print. Achim Lippoth's editorial work has been featured in Life Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, and Vogue. Lippoth currently lives in Cologne, Germany.
The photographer never leaves the choreography of his characters or the orchestration of light and colour up to the coincidence of capturing the right moment.After all, Lippoth's world is a stage, and he is the sole director
For Lippoth, it is only when these children lack adult intervention that they spontaneously conform to the social demands of their peers. Each series draws on Lippoth's inspirations from art and media history, but his unique synthesis of these influences -- coupled with his theatrical arrangements and sharp focusing techniques -- create his own reality in the frame. Each individual sequence, despite their subject differences, seeks to capture an epic moment of childhood.

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