Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Floating House From Brad Pitt

After Hurricane Katrina pummeled the Southwestern coast of the United States in 2006, celebrity Brad Pitt and his Make It Right (MIR) Foundation set about building environmentally-friendly and sustainable housing for affected families in New Orleans.Formed by Pitt after he saw the devastation to New Orleans's Lower 9th Ward, the MIR aims to build over 150 houses within 14 blocks using "green" design principles pitched by architectural firms all over the world.This is supposed to fulfill the promise Pitt made residents in the area: that he would help them build a stronger and safer neighborhood.While it has never been tested in real life flood conditions, Morphosis conducted extensive computer simulations and modeled it to withstand Hurricane Katrina-like conditions. There is also a battery backup in the home with enough capacity to power crucial appliances for up to three days.
As with all Make It Right homes, the Float House is built with environmentally friendly materials, but in contrast to the other homes, this one is built on the ground level rather than 12 feet above the ground. Mayne and Morphosis wanted to retain the look of the existing community and make it more accessible to people who didn’t want to or couldn’t get up a huge flight of stairs. Mayne says about the house and design, “Hopefully it never gets used. But when it gets used, it’s important.”

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