Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Amazing "EggZotica."By Gary LeMaster

Gary LeMaster from New Zealand grew up learning how to use tools, do woodworking while also listening to classical music and gaining a deep appreciation of the fine arts. Gary LeMaster had a scholarship in music to attend the University of Iowa, but turned it down to pursue a teaching degree at the University of Northern Iowa in history and English.He was color-blind and although he continued to produce poetry and short stories, his visual art was limited to pencil, charcoal and pen and ink, which he practiced every day. He never took any art courses beyond art appreciation because he didn't think that he was good enough. He graduated with a teaching degree in Spanish and was offered a fellowship to be the first student in the new Master's Program.
Gary LeMaster started The Eggshell Sculptor Magazine in 1998. He slowly built a small business providing other people around the world with supplies, an instructional magazine, classes, and training videos.
Gary LeMaster probably is the best known carver since he have always supported this unique art so passionately.

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