Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bluetooth- Set Of Stone's Jabra

The company GN Of netcom presents new to the Bluetooth- set of Stone's Jabra. Developers Stone's Jabra improved the form factor of behind-the-ear, after creating the construction, which is fastened around the ear of user. Set it is equipped with soft silicone nozzles for the pinna, and flexible retroauricular arc is covered with soft rubber. In this case the weight sets is only 7 g, and thickness - 8 mm. novelty is completed by the portable charger of Stone's Charging. The device, placed into Stone's Charging, automatically is turned off and is recharged to the necessary level. In order to include to set, it suffices to take out it from the charger. The storage battery of Stone's Jabra ensures to 8 hours of work in the regime of conversation and to 12 days in the mode of standby (with the condition of the location of device into Stone's Charging). On the internal part of the housing sets is located the panel of the state Of jabra Of statusDisplay. For the answer, the completion and the discharge of call is provided sensory button on the outer side dynamics. In order to change loudness level on the set, it suffices to slightly conduct by finger on the housing of device upward or downward. To dispose sound is possible, without interrupting telephone conversation. In Stone's Jabra is for the first time realized the system of the noise suppression of the new generation - Noise Of blackout Of extreme. The work of system is based on the action of the pair of the silicic MEMS- microphones, which recover the voice of user, distinguishing it from background noise. Processor processes sound signal, filtering ambient noises, and it transmits to collocutor only voice. Set it is equipped with profile [A]2DP for hearing of music from any [media]- resource, which supports Bluetooth: cell phone, mp3-[pleera], laptop computer or personal computer. If bell enters during the hearing the cell phone, the playback of music automatically will pause itself, and - it will be renewed after the completion of conversation. Furthermore, due to the technology Of multiuse of set it can work simultaneously with two devices, which support the profile Of bluetooth.

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