Monday, January 25, 2010

Transformer Made Out Of Junk

Optimus Prime was spotted in Taiwan. And he works as clothes dryer. A man spent $1,600 to build his son's favorite transformer out of scrap metal. Talk about Transformers going downhill. Leader of the mighty Autobots has gone from battling Decepticons and saving the world, to drying some guy’s laundry, in Taiwan. Wanting to do something nice for his son, a huge fan of Transformers’ Optimus Prime, that would also be useful around the house, a Taiwanese man built a 14-foot-tall replica of the famous Autobot and used it as support for his laundry drier. It’s nice the dad put so much effort into building something this awesome for his son, but using it to dry laundry? It doesn’t get more degrading for a Transformer.

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