Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some Awesome Food Creations

Football Sausage

Salami shaped like a football complete with lacing and stitches.

Apple Globe

Cool scale model of Earth carved into an apple by Kevin Van Aelst.

Bread Bird

Dayton Castleman carved the Bread Bird sculpture from the largest and densest bread loaf he could find.

Meat Car

Creative sports car sculpted from a raw piece of meat.

Cake Wedding Dress

Amazing cake wedding dress made by Lukka Sigurdardottir.

Cracker Sheep

Adorable three-dimentional animal cracker sheep sculpture.

Zucchini Skeleton

Creative zucchini skeleton man created by Edith Zimmerman.

Puzzle Sandwich

Delicious looking sandwich shaped like two puzzle pieces.

Mario Mushroom

Iconic mushroom from Mario video games carved from radish.

Buddha Pears

Hao Xianzhang from China has invented the process of growing Buddha shaped pears.

Daniel Craig Lollipop

Del Monte has designed a lollipop shaped like Daniel Craig’s torso.

Lemon Frog

Cute frog created from lemon and blueberries by Vanessa Dualib.

Potato Portraits

Hundreds of weird potato portraits created by Ginou Choueir.

Praying Mantis

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