Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding Gown Addiction

Helene Manca, couldn’t make up her mind on which dress to wear, so what does she do? She wears nine! Walk down the aisle with Helene on her special day and see what she wore, when, and where. Every woman wants her wedding day to be perfect! Helene made sure that hers was perfect. She spent nine months not only looking, but buying wedding dresses. She purchased 18 wedding dresses at a cost of almost 20,000 pounds. She realized that she couldn’t wear all 18 of the beautiful dresses, but she did stuff nine of them into her special wedding day. She admits that she is spoiled rotten and loves it!
Most grooms would be shocked and a bit worried at their bride to be’s excessive purchases, but Helene’s groom Joe Glass finds Helene refreshing. He says that he loves how unique she is and that she looked amazing in each and every gown she had on. After choosing her perfect nine dresses she returned one to the store, sold 5 on ebay and gave 3 to charity. When she renews her vows next year, she plans on wearing another ten dresses. She claims she is addicted.

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