Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hilarious Road Signs

When you’re driving around town, I bet you notice a ton of signs beside the road but you don’t bother to read them. Well you better be paying attention because some of them might be comedy gold! Some of the funniest signs ever come from road signs and what’s great is that most of them are not supposed to be intentionally funny. So next time you go out, try bringing a camera and keep an eye out for hilarious signs like these! Here’s couple collected from various sites that I wanted to post together for you guys to enjoy.

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Wilmer Geraci said...

Hahaha, thanks for the laugh! Those signs are hilarious, especially the oddly specific ones. There might me a funny sign around you, so keep your eyes open and share them, too. Let's keep the laughs coming!

Cassandra Marcole said...

Heeh, that's why I love roadtrips so much: because of the hilarious, weird and strange signs and scenes like those! I like the sixth photo. Though it is an accident-prone area, you cannot blame the sloppy road for the accident. :)