Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Artist Turns A Real Hummer Into A Horse Drawn Carriage

As oil supplies become more scarce and the Hummer looks more and more like an extravagant joke, it only makes sense that someone would decide to turn the jumbo car into the ultimate symbol of bygone times: the horse cart.New York-based artist Jeremy Dean turned a $15,000 Hummer H2 into a horse cart as a throwback to “Hoover carts” — old cars reclaimed as horse carts during the Great Depression. According to Dean, “Unless we come up with alternative fuel sources and rethink our reliance on a hyperinflated consumer based economy, we may be left with no other options than to hook our cars up to a horse. As a symbol of this I [will] take either a Cadillac Escalade or HUMMER H2, which have become monuments to America’s consumption, greed and arrogance, and convert it to a horse cart. The cart will maintain all its former glitz and glamour: chrome rims, GPS, working sound system, DVD player, and TV screens. But [it] will be pulled by a horse.”
That makes sense to us. Check out the deconstruction of Dean’s Hummer into a horse cart below.

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