Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Woman Doing A Man's Work

Meet Cal Lane, this fragile and beautiful woman is a smith. The most amazing thing is that she turned her work into an art. Just look what a beauty Cal can do with her hands."In my most recent exhibition entitled “Crude”, pulled together the relationship of God and Oil. This work consists of a series of oil cans that have been flayed open in the form of a cross shape or a gothic cathedral floor plan. The cans are then cut into Christian or Medieval like Icons. Fine, like tattered paper, the jagged edge of the thin metal becomes both an ancient and contemporary image, thereby appealing to both those who cling to history, and those who ignore it." Cal Lane.
"45 gallon oil drums are skinned and unrolled to create a surface. The surface is then pulled up the wall and cut into a multiple of images from tattoo patterns to fabric patterns to religious and hazard symbols. The collage of images create a war of symbols which become a medieval-like tapestry."
"I have always been interested in embracing the very thing that repels me in order to understand it: I prefer to make sense of things or in order to suspend (or pass) judgment." Cal Lane

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